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Many factors can contributed to a company’s success, including precise research, advanced technology, and customer volume. But the most important key to success is the availability of capable, talented people who can meet current and future challenges. Alongside a strong bench of talent, organizations need leaders with long-term vision to define business direction.

Organizations use talent management strategies to ensure a supply of quality personnel through learning and development, leadership development and succession management, Assessment Center.

Daya Dimensi Indonesia is a representative of Development Dimensions International (DDI), a behavioural-based human resources consultant headquartered in Pittsburgh, the United States. Talent Management solutions developed by DDI through its talent management best practices research network are utilized by the leaders of thousands of trend-defining organizations around the world. We provide solutions for talent management that are applicable not only for the present, but also for the future.


Increasingly demanding business dynamics mean that human-capital managers encounter a variety of complex, evolving challenges that require solutions. Inevitably, technology is becoming more and more critical to ensure effective, efficient management of information. This is why, through Daya Dimensi Global, we have established a partnership with SuccessFactors, a U.S.-based provider of performance management applications which also supplies technology enablers to assist strategic leaders with integrated business performance management.

SuccessFactors solutions provide companies with three applicabilities: minimizing gaps between strategy and execution; increases in efficiency and productivity; and strengthened capability to reach business targets on schedule. Achieving world-class metrics in experience, supporting infrastructure and innovation, SuccessFactors is the optimal business solution for growth-focused organizations. z


To face the challenges presented by growing competition and difficult business dynamics, companies need to prepare business strategies that focus on driving increases in business development/business growth, efficiency, productivity and earnings/revenues. While a keen strategy is one of the keys to success, the role of individuals in executing an organization’s strategy cannot be overlooked.

Organizations need the right talent to execute the strategy, which makes recruitment crucial. During the recruitment process, organizations must identify the criteria that will allow a candidate succeed in a specific role. Once these criteria are determined, an organization can initiate a successful search for the right talent for the role.

Dayalima Recruitment supports organizations throughout the recruitment process to find the best talent with the right technical competencies, behavioural,motivational attributes, and the right potential to drive the effective performance needed to reach business goals.


As citizens of Indonesia, we believe that creating a better Indonesia is a responsibility that we all share. Foundation For A Better Indonesia (YILB) was established in 2005 to promote the aspirations of the DayaLima business family to take an active role in contributing to the development of our country. YILB focuses on human development. We are primarily active in the areas of education and women and children’s issues, and believe that these three pillars are key to building a better Indonesia.

We also have a role in cultural development, supporting cultural performances that advertise Indonesia on the international stage, and promote pride in the country at home.